The present is vastly different from how we imagined decades ago. It was not too long ago that conventional energy was the only viable energy source. But as technological breakthrough occurs and is happening at a faster pace, the world will continue to evolve around us. Conventional energy will still play an important role in driving global economy but renewable energy is steadily becoming the force to reckon with.

To continue to not only adapt but also thrive in the energy business, we must anticipate trends and forces that will shape our business decades and beyond. Today is the past and tomorrow is today.

mission & vision

It all starts with our mission, which encompasses our reason for existence as a company and serves as the gold standard by which we hold ourselves accountable to.

SSP Mission
by harnessing our expertise in selecting optimized technologies and building dynamic resources that will efficiently and effectively deliver the sustainable energy solution worldwide.

Our vision serves as the motivation for us to aspire to become. It focuses our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable growth.

SSP Vision
To be a leading Asian power producer
in providing sustainable energy solution
with a full commitment to support clean environment and in the best interest of the society.


Our beliefs serve as a compass for our actions and are the foundation of who we are and what we do. No matter the circumstances, we will not waver from the commitment we share to our four core values, FAIR:


We are prepared to adapt because business conditions are always changing with times. As we continue to expand, we have to stay nimble to remain competitive. We may be focused on what we want to achieve but we are opened to how we get there.

SSP Culture Flexible


If we are not shooting for the moon, we are not doing enough as a company for all stakeholder.

SSP Culture Ambitious


We are always looking for ways to better our power plants and curious about how new technology can improve our business. Because without that desire, we cannot progress.

SSP Culture Innovation


We are committed to making the world a better place to live in. We need to hold ourselves accountable to every decision we make and how it will impact our employees, our contractors, our customers and the people of the communities in which we operate in.

SSP Culture Responsibility
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