January 2010

Sermsang Palang Ngan (SPN), which aims to build a renewable energy company, was founded with an initial paid-up capital of THB 10.0 millions.

June 2013

After entering into a 40 MW (Non-Firm) Power Purchase Agreement with Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand to produce electricity with solar power, SPN developed and invested in the solar farm in Lopburi, Thailand (Project Sermsang Solar).

March 2014

After careful selection of EPC contractors, project Sermsang Solar commenced construction.

February 2015

Successfully started commercial operation date for Project Sermsang Solar

June 2015

With a roadmap to list on Market for Alternative Investment (MAI), Sermsang Power Corporation (SSP) as a holding company was founded to invest in renewable project in domestic and international markets.

March 2016

Completed the group restructuring as SSP steadily increased of its paid-up capital to THB 690.9 millions.

August 2016

A solar farm with an installed capacity of 21 MW (net 17 MW) in Hidaka, Japan (Project Hidaka) commenced construction.

January 2017

SSP increased its paid-up capital of THB 691.6 millions. SSP's shareholders approved SSP's initial public offering and listion on MAI and initiated process of public company conversion.

August 2017

A solar farm with an installed capacity of 34.5 MW (net 30 MW) in Yamaga, Japan (Project Yamaga) commenced construction.

September 2017

Listed on MAI, SSP will use the fresh capital to developing existing solar projects and future renewable energy opportunities.

October 2017

A solar farm with an installed capacity of 8 MW (net 6 MW) in Kumamoto, Japan (project Zouen) commenced construction.

December 2017

SSP invested solar farm with an installed capacity 16.6 MW (Net 15 MW) in Mongolia.

March 2018

Project Hidaka has commenced commercial operation and SSP, through its subsidiary Sermsang Infinite Company Limited, has entered into a total of 3-MW Private Power Purchase Agreement with Do Home Company Limited to produce electricity from 5 solar rooftop sites.