Power up local communities sustainably

with diverse renewable fuel sources across Asia

Our Strategy

Our Current Business

Solar Farm

SSP started by investing and developing solar farms in Thailand before expanding to other parts of Asia. In a nutshell, a solar farm produces electricity whereby photovoltaic panels convert solar irradiance from the sun into direct current. An inverter changes direct current into alternative current which can power electrical appliances. Our customers are mainly local or national electricity providers, depending on which countries we sell electricity in.

Solar Rooftop

Sermsang Infinite Company Limited (SN) , a subsidiary of SSP, was founded in 2014 to focus projects related to solar rooftop. The solar rooftop’s electricity generation process is similar to the way solar farm generate electricity but only differ in operation scale, albeit a smaller scale. SN primarily serves factories in electricity intensive industry, large retail stores and commercial buildings. We expect to see exponential demands in near future as cost of solar equipment fall towards grid parity.

Renewable Energy

We are experienced and passionate about renewable energy in general. Therefore, we are always looking for opportunities to invest and develop projects of other renewable sources such as wind, biomass and hydroelectricity power. Since these fuel types come with large scale operations, we serve a local or national electricity provider, depending on the countries we operate in.

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